Putting makes or breaks your golf score;  here’s a simple drill on how to get your putter face square at impact to get good, solid putts.

Step 1- Find a flat spot on the green and place two tees at a distance of 5 inches (or just far enough for your putter head to make it through), and perpendicular to the line of the putt.

Step 2- Place the ball a little ahead of the tees and take your set up.

Step 3- Make your stroke and focus on making the 3 foot putt without touching the tees.

The gate forms a visual cue that encourages you to square your putter at impact. This will result in putts that are more on your intended line with less tendency to push or pull your putts.

Now go ahead and make some money off your friends, because you always “drive for show and putt for dough!”

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