The notion of anxiety and stress is synonymous with Indian metropolitan work-lifestyle for reasons known to most of us. Whether you run the show or if you are someone working at nights in the concrete jungle, welcome getaways and perks are real life savers. A large working population from Delhi and Gurgaon drive out of the city to faraway places to seek exhilaration. The travelling and hangout trends in metros like Delhi-NCR are changing dramatically; owing to better hangout zones within the city. Also, shorter travelling time and shorter stays are considered decisive for hardcore professionals who can’t afford to spare much time. Golf courses in Gurgaon such as Hamoni Golf Camp offer more than a getaway experience. Hamoni Golf Camp is India’s largest standalone golf training facility. It is the most sought after facility to learn golf in Delhi NCR. Moreover, a Professionally manned golf academy in India is hard to come by. Golf clinics, short games, fitness sessions, corporate day-outs, and events are few of the activities hosted by HGC Golf training in Delhi NCR

Golf in India is more than just a sport. Apart from it being the fastest growing sport in the country, Golf has been breaking a rigid notion, viz. ‘Golf is a sport for the elite’. A golf academy in India finds it challenging to promote golf due to the infamous richman’s play reputation the game has acquired over the last few decades. Hamoni Golf Camp promotes the game of golf for all. Making golf accessible to millions of aspirants, amateurs, and professionals has been one of the indispensable cornerstones behind Hamoni Golf Camp’s establishment. People from all walks of life can embrace the spirit of golf lifestyle by accessing Hamoni golf training in Delhi NCR. Moreover, golf adds a vital wellness quotient to life. Being a concentration and precision sport, it stimulates an individual’s ability to enrich perceptual constructs and cognizance by delving deeper into the principles and ethics behind golf.

In a Wall Street survey of top 100 CEOs, a staggering 67% of corporates agreed that the game of golf is a crucial networking and engaging tool to success. A growing number of corporate professionals in India who are golf enthusiasts could be seen practicing golf swings after a toiling day at work. When practicing golf, an individual can utilize the calmness of a golf range/course to concentrate on simple things in life. Hamoni Golf Camp in Gurgaon houses a beautiful garden café – The Piano Man and an outdoor fitness center. Unlike other hangout zones in and around Gurgaon, Hamoni Golf Camp is open from 6am to 10pm. Spread across 16 acres, it has a 9 hole pitch & putt circuit where class A certified golf trainers engage kids, housewives, corporate professionals, and others to  master the finesse and precision of the beautiful game of golf.

Since a decade ago, passionate golfers travelled to and fro from unreachable places to learn golf in Delhi-NCR, but fortunately for thousands of such Golf lovers in and around Delhi-NCR Hamoni Golf Camp is situated at arm’s length. Hamoni Golf Camp is located within 3km radius of all corporate parks and technology centers in Gurgaon. Serene surrounding, lush green 16 acres of golf range, and hospitable Hamoni Golf staff members makes Hamoni an ideal spot for corporate golf clinics, staff incentive programs, PR and client engagement events. ‘Time’ has become a costlier affair for professionals and timely refuge from corporate work-life a necessity. Instead of driving out of the city, they choose to spend quality time at places like Hamoni Golf Camp where golf, food, and fun awaits all.

It is time to grab your favorite golf club and start practicing. For Golf doesn’t follow a set of field, attire, time, or logic. All it needs is you!