Play Golf at Karma Lakelands with our Karma Golf Round Packs:

Play the gorgeous, 9 Hole Boutique Golf Course at Karma Lakelands with our discounted Golf Round Packs, exclusively for HGC cardholders. Get exclusive benefits as an HGC cardholder with our Round Packs; review our FAQ section below to know more about how to purchase and avail your Karma Golf Round Packs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How Do I Buy the Karma Golf Round Packs?

You can purchase the packs at HGC Front Desk; choose from our 3 Options – 1) Weekday 5 Pack (9 Hole Rounds), 2) Weekend 5 Pack (18 Hole Rounds), Weekday Combo 10 Pack (5*9 Hole Rounds, 5*18 Hole Rounds). Each Pack carries a validity period during which the golf rounds have to be availed. For pricing details, visit HGC Front Desk or contact them at or +91-9643151511.

I’ve Bought My Karma Golf Round Pack; How Do I Book Tee Times?

It’ simple; just email or call +91-9643151511 to book your tee time directly with us. We will confirm your tee time on email/ phone.

What Do I Need to Do Before Teeing Off at Karma Lakelands? How Do I Track My Pack Balance?

With your Pack purchased and tee time booked, simply fill in and sign our Karma Round Registration receipt at the Karma Pro Shop before your scheduled tee off time; a copy of the receipt will be provided to you which you can present to the Starter at the tee off. Based on this receipt, we will deduct your Round Pack balance in our records, and inform you of your balance at the time of your next tee time booking request.

Can I Use My Karma Golf Round Pack for Friends & Family?

Absolutely! Based on your Pack balance, feel free to sign in your friends and family for playing the round with you at Karma; when filling in the Karma Round Registration receipt at the Karma Pro Shop, simply indicate the number of rounds you wish to avail as per number of players. Be sure to inform HGC Front Desk on the number of people availing your Round Packs when requesting your tee off time as well on email/ phone.

Can I Use My Karma Golf Round Pack for Availing On Course Lessons?

Yes! As an extension to our Golf Academy at HGC, you can now opt for On Course Lessons at Karma Lakelands with our certified instructors. Simply avail a 9 Hole Weekday Round from your Pack for the On Course Lesson. The On Course Lesson Fee is additional; Rs. 4,500 for an Individual Lesson, and Rs. 3,300 for a group lesson with a maximum of 3 in a group. The Lesson is for 120 minutes, for a maximum of 9 Holes, as per time period limit.

What Other Features Does the Karma Golf Round Pack Offer?

As an HGC Cardholder, our Karma Golf Round Packs offer a discount over the green fees rack rates. An additional discount is available for valid HGC Master Pass Holders. In addition, get a FREE bucket of range balls at Karma Lakelands per visit with your HGC card.

Karma Golf Round Packs are subject to Terms & Conditions as per HGC and Karma Lakelands management, and are subject to change without prior notice. Please review the same at the time of purchasing the Round Packs at HGC Front Desk. 

For any other queries, please email us at or call +91-9643151511

Happy Golfing!