How to start playing golf? It is an inevitable question that surfaces in the minds of individuals who have recently fallen in love with the beauty of the sport. Considering its rising popularity and new legends which golf is spawning worldwide, a righteous sense of acceptability and inquisitiveness is growing among masses. For instance, China has more than 600 golf courses at present, as compared to just one golf course in 1984. In many parts of the world, professional golfers have started golf clubs and they have been working as instructors, largely contributing to the much founded affinity towards golf.

Golf is an easy sport to take up, but a challenge to perfect. Each day spent with golf is taking one step towards mastering the discipline. Having said that, an instructor and your time is all you need to sweat it out on a golf range/course. In order to start finding answers to your – ‘how to start playing golf’ puzzle, a suitable golf instructor is the foremost and a quintessential ingredient that you would need. A coach-student relationship shouldn’t be a ‘one and done’ deal, instead it should be a scared on-going relationship devoted to long-lasting development.

Understanding oneself in terms of physical structure, maneuverability, and cognitive aspects are few of the basic starting points to learning golf. In the early days of your training, a coach would prepare you mentally and help you chose the right set of clubs for the pursuit. Undoubtedly the correct equipment is handy as always, but it’s not like you need to drain your savings to get going. As an alternative, focus on searching for equipment that will let you make corrections to your flawed golf skills and golf swing basics at a nominal cost. Moreover, in future there’ll be ample time to chase the latest, hot golf products in the market. For the time being, an inexpensive way to start playing golf is a mindful way forward.

How to play golf

Golf enthusiasts would agree that learning the etiquettes involved in the game of golf is just as significant as learning golf swing basics. Honor, honesty, and respect are cornerstones to playing golf. Official golf rule book is readily available on USGA website. You must get familiarized with golf etiquettes and take occasional expert advice on rules and etiquettes of golf. Following golf rules and etiquettes is a matter of sheer common sense. Not walking in fellow player’s putting line, not standing directly in front of a player who is ready for a golf swing, and not talking while others are hitting are few of the basic etiquettes followed on a golf course.

While you are getting to learn etiquettes, you must religiously practice the golf basics taught by your respective golf instructors. Learning how to grip the club, how to address the golf ball, and gradually perfecting golf swing basics should be your initial focus areas. Stressing on foot action, arm movements, hand & wrist positions, knee bend, and shoulder rotation are crucial in learning the golf swing basics. Not to forget, an adequate golf diet is a secret to a golf-ready physical strength. Gradually slipping into a healthy golf diet will help maintain a good physical self. Along with a healthy diet, a productive golf-oriented fitness regime is a significant add-on. Exercising the core, shoulder muscles, legs, and aiming for ripped abs helps you get in shape and eventually lower your handicap.

Although, there is no right or wrong strategy as to how to start playing golf, but a structured golf learning program helps an individual to track the progress better. Hence, enroll yourself with an experienced golf instructor and start learning the game. With proper guidance and perseverance, you would be able to make inroads early. The myths and perceptions about golf being the game ‘only for the elite’ should be put to rest permanently. And, as the sport is being embraced by one and all, golf is reaching new heights. Grab your golf clubs today, get to a nearby range and start perfecting your golf skills.

Learn. Practice. Perfect.