A golfer’s body must be stable, strong, and flexible. In order to achieve these core fitness goals, one needs to focus on efficient golf training sessions. For reasons known, Golf is a game which relies on body rotation to muster power from the ground via the core to the club and finally the golf ball. Core muscle workouts help in increasing lower back stability, hip and upper back mobility, and body balancing abilities.

Exercise 1 – BASIC PLANK

For a well-planned core strengthening workout schedule, you must include some kind of plank positional holds to complement your crunches and other abdominal work. The target area for Basic Plank exercise is the Abdomen Region. One must ensure continuous breathing and the duration of exercise should be 20 seconds to 1 minute. And remember, do not arch your lower back.

Simple plank


Exercise 2 – SIDE PLANK

Side plank help keep lower back in check and stable during a game of golf. Golf requires movement of hips or back. Target muscles for side planks are obliques, abdominal, and lower back. Do remember to repeat the exercise for both sides of the body and do it for 20 seconds to 1 minute.

side plank


This is a relatively difficult core exercise which involves Lower back, Abdominals, and Glutes. While maintaining the plank, extend one arm and perform a leg raise with the opposite leg at the same time. Repeat the entire loop of exercise for 20 seconds to 1 minute. Target Area is the Lower Back Region, Abdominals, Glutes and duration is 20 seconds to 1 minute