As a former British colony, tea breaks (chai breaks) are a quintessential and revered tradition in India! Chai is so ingrained in the Indian way of life that it’s even part of our vernacular – “Sir thorra chai pani de dena!” (Rough translation: Sir, TIP ME!)

But at Hamoni Golf Camp, our team has started a new tradition – the golf break! With the golf break, you trade in the stirring spoon for the 7 iron, the sugar for the sweet spot, the slurp for the Swooosh & of course, the fragrant chai patti (tea leaves) for the dimpled golf ball, leaving you refreshed and your blood pumping! Best part is, you can always have that cup of tea with your golf break!

So come and take a golf break at Hamoni Golf Camp! You won’t be disappointed!


Photo: HGC Senior Cashier, Baijnath Pandey, taking a much deserved golf break!