Fascinated and intrigued by Golf, but don’t know much about the sport? Then SIGN UP (scroll down) for our Basics of Golf: Knowledge Workshop and be enlightened! This Knowledge Workshop by Hamoni Golf is an opportunity to learn about various aspects of the game, including –

  • History & Origins of Golf
  • Type of Golf Equipment/ Clubs
  • Golf Swing/ Shots
  • Parts of a Golf Course
  • Basic Golf Rules
  • Scoring 

At the end of the workshop, participants will also have the opportunity to play a bit of golf too! Workshop details are as follows –

  • Dates: April 22nd | April 23rd (Sat, Sun)
  • Batch: 1 Batch of Max 12 Per Day with 2 Instructors
  • Timings: 10am to 12:30pm
  • Workshop Fee: Rs. 500/- inclusive taxes (Payable upon registration on day of Workshop)
  • Includes All Instructional Equipment, Refreshments during Short Break
  • All participants will receive an E-Certificate of Completion and Basics of Golf Handbook by Hamoni Golf at the end of the workshop

TO SIGN UP, fill in the Form below or Call +91-9643151511 –