Caddyshack: Cafe by the Greens, our revamped cafe experience at Hamoni Golf Camp, RE-OPENS on Saturday, 12th August 17′ with our soft launch! 
Opening Date: Saturday, 12th Aug’17
Timings: 10am to 10pm (For soft launch period)
Here’s what to expect at Caddyshack:

Set against the lush green backdrop of Hamoni Golf Camp, Caddyshack draws inspiration from the golden era of prestigious golf clubs, gymkhanas and members only establishments that sprouted across the country during the British Raj. With diverse influences from East Indian, Bengali, Parsi and traditional European cuisines amongst others, the kitchens at such establishments, thrived with innovation and creativity, whilst finding the perfect balance in pleasing the palates of both the British officers and Indians that frequented these clubs.


At Caddyshack, we’ve stripped away the formality with a menu that pays tribute to classic ‘Club Cuisine’ while using a more contemporary approach towards flavours and ingredients.

Curious about the soft launch menu? Check it out HERE!

We look forward to hosting you!